Price Sheet

Type of Report Price
Customer Reports  
Customized Reports (includes Pl data) $50 + $.20 per record
Farm Reports* $.10 per record
Star – Advertiser Sales Report (Weekly) $35
Customized Statistical Reports Hourly Rate
Fidelity Market Share Report $35
Lender Letter Report – No Mortgage on Property $35
Property Reports  
Express Report $125
Property Profile $25
Super Property Profile $150
Formatting Labels $25
Property Hit List $25
Monthly Reports  
Sales Report – Specific Locations See below**
Residential Loan Report See below**
Consumer Loan Report See below**
Judicial Foreclosure Report See below**
Quarterly Report: (External Customer)  
Commercial Report $100 per report

*All farm reports will have a charge of $25 or $.10 per record, whichever is more.
**Monthly report is billed on two tiers. The first tier includes the previous 3-months of data. The second tier is all data prior to the last 3-months. Tier 1 is charged at a rate of $40 per month, Tier 2 is charged at a rate of $5 per month.